Cobargo Anzac Day celebrates sacrifice, peace

THERE were around 250 people at the recent Anzac Day ceremony at Cobargo, which went “very well” according to Cobargo RSL sub-branch secretary Malcolm Elmslie. 

“It was bigger than previous years, and it will probably be even bigger next year for the Anzac centenary,” Mr Elmslie said. 

A catafalque party of seven cadet officers from the Australian Defence Force Academy commanded by Flight Lieutenant Nadia Harrison provided an “impressive” display.

It was also the first year that a catafalque party had attended the ceremony in Cobargo, and Mr Elmslie hopes that will continue to be a fixture of the event in the future. 

President of the Cobargo RSL sub-branch Jeffery Lee gave the address at the ceremony. 

“We are gathered here today not to glorify war, but to celebrate those whose sacrifice has delivered us glorious peace,” Mr Lee said.

“No-one with personal experience of war ever wishes to see it repeated, but perceived weakness actually invites conflict as the current events in Ukraine unfortunately demonstrate.

“We commemorate that immortal day when the young people of Australia and New Zealand, by their deeds and sacrifice, demonstrated to the world at Gallipoli that we were truly nations.

“The children of Anzacs came forward without question, accepted gladly, and discharged fully their responsibilities during WW2, the Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

“On this day we remember the sacrifice of such people for an ideal, for a way of life. 

“Let us take strength in the knowledge and hope that our children will never forget the examples set by their forebears.

“In our everyday life let us endeavour to carry on those traditions established by past conflicts at such tragic cost.

“We think of every person who died so that the lights of freedom and humanity might continue to shine. 

“We nurture too the obligation of showing gratitude for the peace we enjoy and the responsibility of ensuring that the freedom and liberty so costly won is not lost by our own indifference. 

“So let us mourn with pride, but let us also remember with equal pride those who served and still live.” 


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