OPINION: Best of the web, April 28

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Here come all the whinger's posts, as usual putting 100% blame for health & environment on the big corporates as opposed to responsibility back onto the people (of Bega).

As for the foolish person "hoping for a big flood", how about you think of the rest of the Bega valley temporarily wiped out while Maccas (as built up as it is) likely survives, and if worse comes to worse, comes out of insurance.

At the end of the day, its a stable job for those who need one (including high schoolers), and it gives other companies (and even small business) a good reason to take a second look at the town of Bega and reconsider the value in investing in this town.

- Bega resident

Perhaps the rubbish is the fault of the people who eat there and they should be responsible for cleaning THEIR mess up! Typical - we always want to blame someone else.

- Yogi

Every community has tossers, and of course the litter is ultimately their fault, but the Maccas will only aggravate the problem.

And how do you figure that a Maccas counts as progress? More jobs, sure, but at what cost?

- Rollo

What fantastic news for these poor horses who have suffered for far to long at the hands of this woman. Lara, your comittment to this cause has been outstanding!

- Megan

Double demerits - the police state strikes again. Twice the penalty for the same offence at a different time of the year. Why don't we do that for all offences? Doesn't reduce road fatalities and doesn't stop speeding. Abolish double demerits!

- thaddeas

The Bega Mall, Littleton Gardens, Merimbula Airport, Maccas, Bermagui Woolies, what will they complain about next? I'm glad our council has some fortitude and the vision to see beyond the vocal minority who resist change. Let's wind the clock back and return the shire to the 19th century. However, I fear they would still not be happy.

- Bemused Ratepayer


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