Constance says it’s a ‘waste of money’

GREENS MLC Lee Rhiannon should have her pay docked for actively encouraging people to break the law in the Mumbulla State Forest, according to the Member for Bega, Andrew Constance.

“Last time there was protests thousands of dollars of police resources were wasted,” he said.

“The Greens have no regard to the wasting of valuable police resources which would be better deployed to fight drug crime and domestic violence in the local community.

“Lee Riannon should publicly denounce these protest actions or cover the shortfall in the local police budget.

“Every time there is a protest like this the available police budget of the Far South Coast command is depleted.

“These are valuable taxpayer dollars and police resources that could be better deployed in fighting drug crime, break and enters and domestic violence in Far South Coast communities.

“The Greens Lee Rhiannon has no shame when it comes to the abuse of scarce police resources in the South East.

“People who engage in illegal forest action do themselves or their cause any favours in the eyes of the government and wider community.

“When will they ever learn that these protests go nowhere and that the best way forward for them, is to go through formal government channels to argue their case.

“All koalas need protection in the South East and the approval for this harvesting was granted by the NSW Department of Environment.

“If there is any risk to this colony, which is not the last despite the efforts of the Greens to say it is, then the Department of Environment need to confirm what risks they face,” he said.