Bemboka Nine A-side comp

HOPEFULLY the cold weather has gone when, after last Friday nights round of the Bemboka Nine-A-Side hockey competition, players at one stage looked like drowned rats.

However the weather did improve and the standard of hockey is still on the rise with close games being played.

Following is the results of round 5:

All Stars Vs Clueless- A very even game between these to teams with the score very tight the whole game, All Stars just being able to put the winning goal away later in the second half.

For All Stars Mick and Josh Taylor combined well in attack and unlucky on many occasions to score. In defence Lindon Ireland & Natasha Geraghty showed great skills.

For Clueless Melissa Inskip and Chantelle Lloyd stopped many attacks made by All Stars and in attack for Clueless Angus Johnston and Kate Wilton played outstanding with Kate Wilton having many shots at goal, but unfortunately was unable to capitalised.

Final Score: All Stars(Natasha Geraghty1, Mick Taylor1)Clueless 0.

Mixtures Vs Blue Bottles- This was a very enjoyable game with both teams keen to get a win under their belt.

Michelle Stark combined well with Racheland Stacey Hall in attack proving that encouraging the younger members of the team is paying off as both girls have improved with their stick work & skills immensely.

Matt Bonami and Jason Taylor showed great skills thus allowing Matt to score both goals for Blue Bottles. In defence Kerry Taylor played well along with the old goalie.

For Mixtures Mark Rose and Sally Alcock played well in attack for Mxtures with Sally scoring their only goal. John “SATIN BOXER” Hergerhan showed great skills in goals not allowing Blue Bottles to score more goals.

Final Score:Blue Bottles 2(Matt Bonami 2) Mixtures 1(Sally Alcock.

Dream Team Vs Whipbacks.

This game was between the 2 top teams with both teams having players missing. t was a well fought game with dream team coming out winners.

For Whipbacks, Daniel Brotherton and Maryanne Umbers played well in defence stopping many of Dream Teams raids at goal.

Dean Smith played all over the field for his team trying hard to get some shots at goal away, but was unable to find the back of the net on numerous occasions. Samantha Geraghty and Brendon Rollanson led Dream Teams attacks.Shane Walker and Emma Geraghty played a strong game in defence leaving their goalie Wade Irvin with not much work.

Final Score:Dream Team(Samantha Geraghty 2, Brendon Rollason 2, and Shane Walker 1)Whipbacks 0.

Green Machine v All Blacks

This was another well fought game with All Blacks, although beaten, never giving up for any minute of the game.

Solid in attack and defence for All Blacks was Micheal Motby and Trent McGovern who didn’t stop all game. Carol Walker and Dave the “Diver” goalie for All Blacks stopped many a raid on their goal by Green Machine.

For Green Machine Trent Rollason and Luke

McPaul showed great speed, skills and stick work to combine with Amy Smith

in attack. The left hander Gaitor for Green Machine showed his speed all

over the field leaving All Blacks wondering how he keeps going (must be the


Young Guns v Red Barons

Young Guns proved to strong for Red Barons but the young Barons players never gave up all game, proving on many occasion they could break the defence of Young

Guns through the attack of Peter Walker and Meg Ryan.

In defence Clay Ryan and Greg the “gun” goalie was outstanding stopping Young Guns attack at goal.

For Young Guns Mark Anderson was outstanding in defence, clearing the ball to allow the Ringland “Trio” Julie, Jarna, and Becky to combine in attack resulting in them finding the back of the goal.

Final Score Young Guns 7 (Matt O’Brien 3 Julie Ringland 2 Jarna Ringland & Mark Anerson 1 each) Red Barons 0.

After round 5 which is the half way point of this competition the following is the pointscore:

Dream Team 15, Young Guns and Whipbacks 13, All Stars and Green Machine 11, All Blacks 10, Blue Bottles 8, Clueless and Mixtures 7, Red Barons 5.


The draw for Round 6 on Saturday November 17 is as follows.

6pm (f1) All Stars v Mixtures - Umps Dream Team & Young Guns. f2) Whipbacks v Green Machine - umps Clueless & Blue Bottles.

7pm (f1) Young Guns v All Blacks - Umps Whipbacks & All Stars. (f2) Red Barons v Dream Team - Umps Mixtures & Blue Bottles.

8pm (f1) Clueless v Blue Bottles - Umps Green Machine & Red Barons.