Bega Web Words, December 8

Adani protest in Bega

I have to admire your commitment, but have to wonder about your target audience. Perhaps a similar "demonstration" somewhere in a vicinity of Capital Hill, Canberra, where the people who actually make decisions around Adani would be a better place to set up your placards.

Phil Callan

What has this got to do with the lack of amenities in the parks in the Bega Valley? Councillors should be inside working on our local issues, not issues of far away councils, or federal issues seen to by dual citizen MPs

Patrick Ward

Maybe the 2 billion on sporting facility upgrades that could be better spent on schools mental health drug addiction teenage suicide homelessness etc

David Duncanson

If the stupid idiots in Canberra collected tax and higher royalties from the mining companies we could have all of that. Mining isn't going to stop we just need to get a share of the pie.

Phillip Winters

Reverse vending machines

This system has made NSW the laughing stock of Australia. South Australia and Northern Territory have had a perfectly workable and successful scheme for up to 20 years. You would think that the NSW government would simply copy that success.

Stan Lyall

Bummer they don't meet disability access standards 

Chris Sparks

I think 10 cents is not enough. Fifity years ago you received 5 cents and could buy a ice cream. Can't buy a ice cream for 10 cents today. 50 cents would put $12 on the cost of a case of beer, you would get it back, might slow the drunks up a bit. It's a good thing, give it time.

Gordon Allen

Where’s the saving? There’s extra cost been added at the start of the process which is more than the refund. Just another scheme poorly thought out and implemented.

Paul Allen

Simple answer. Don’t drink this garbage and eliminate the above problems.

Barbara Maginnity


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