Webwords, September 23

Nursing home ball

Shame on the government for not looking after the aged, fragile and needy people in their twilight.

Armelle Cesbron

A great photo well done girls.

Shirl Griffin

No federal or state funding! It's amazing what a small community can achieve.

Leanne Cochrane

Awesome job!

Kim Hinde

CCTV footage of damage to Littleton Gardens trees

Can we fine them the damage for every single tree that has been destroyed so far?

Jack Pyke

Mindless idiots, karma is a wonderful thing, bring it on.

Di Dykstra 

Looking at these comments saddens me. The majority of what I read is aggressive, low vibration, lynchmob mentality. Yes it's frustrating and upsetting to see the trees get destroyed (again). First of all, we can't assume that these are the same people that were responsible previously. But my main point here is that yes they are obviously young people who are bored wandering the streets at night looking for something to do. Why? What sort of home life do they come from? Why are they so disengaged from their community that they do such activity? As part of their community I feel sad that we've collectively failed them. Please people, don't revert to anger, show some compassion. 

Nathan Marshall 

Hospital staff’s struggles

Underfunding = understaffing = tired staff = critical incidents. Governments and management know this. These facts are well documented. They don't care. Sorry.

Heather Cooper 

Tired staff = accidents waiting to happen.

Carmel Hards

Fix the problem for good. Never vote LNP again. They hate public health and the evidence has never been more stark than this week’s privatisation of five hospitals by stealth by Baird and his cronies.

Jamie Shaw 

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