Vandals destroy Littleton Gardens trees again

The term “vandals” gives the impression of forethought and intention. I'd suggest that putting easily breakable unprotected objects in a park where teenagers might congregate in the evening would lend itself to damage.

Indi Fiji

Yes cameras may identify the perpetrators, however when and if they are caught what punishment will they receive? The usual slap on the wrist is hardly a deterrent. 

Jan Treadwell

So who suffers and pays? The community and the ratepayers. Bet money on more whining of cost if installed CCTV. Ask the community what they want there and engage them to help choose, plant and maintain. But sometimes no matter what engagement, individuals can be just plain yucky.

Lisa Videion

Time to prioritise this spending; give the planting a break for a while.

Jenny Drenkhahn

Nothing un-Australian about Pauline Hanson

Muslims account for 2 per cent of the population in Australia. We are not being invaded. Educate yourselves first before making a strong option against Islam. No, it's not racism because Islam is not a race. It's bigotry. conservatives need to realise that this "white Australia" they have in mind, was never a white Australia, and if it ever was, it was racist, violent and cruel.

Chloe Tindale

I voted for her and am proud of it, oh how the majority of people are to scared and weak to stand up for our way of life, we shall see how you feel when once their ideology is forced into our culture, our schools, then suddenly Australia will be lost.

Benjamin Leslaighter

Valley’s Motorcycle Expo

Awesome weekend!

Mary Rutter

Check out the young fella in the "Go the Rat" jersey! That would have to be rare as these days!

Chris Campbell

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