PHOTOS: Tathra school parade full of characters

TATHRA Primary School held their much-loved annual Pedlars Parade on Friday.

The event is held on the last day of Term 1 every year, and is a fundraiser where the students can dress up into whatever costume or character they want.

Funds raised on the day go towards literary resources for Stage 1, which includes Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2.

 “We normally raise about $500,” Kindergarten teacher Lee Robson said.

The event begins with a parade, where students from the different years take turns to walk or dance in a circle around the courtyard at the school, showing off their costumes. 

Witches, pirates and fairies were some of the more popular choices, and were joined by genies, Easter Bunnies, princesses, superheroes and mermaids.

Even celebrities Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga made an appearance.

In between the different year groups showing off their costume, principal Graham Roberts talked to some students about what they were wearing.

After asking a boy dressed as Indiana Jones who he was, Mr Roberts asked the young “Indi” if he knew what the one thing that Indiana Jones was scared of.

“Walking around in circles,” the boy said.

Mr Roberts also asked a boy dressed as the superhero the Hulk how he turned green.

“I dressed up,” the boy replied. 

Mr Roberts the asked a young girl dressed as a chef what the favourite thing she liked to cook was.

“Money,” the girl said.

“And how does money taste?” Mr Roberts said.

“Not very good,” the girl said.

The parading was followed by activities such as face painting, a craft store and games such as Bottle Toss, Lucky Numbers and Find the Treasure.

“It’s all about the fun,” Ms Robson said.

“They love it.”

Students also had to bring in food that fits the theme of their costume or character to sell for the fundraiser.  

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