PHOTOS: Tathra Lions celebrate 40 years of community service

THE Tathra Lions Club’s 40th anniversary celebrations were held on the weekend.

On Sunday, the Tathra Lions celebrated a 40-year history of service and devotion, as they have been undertaking projects that have benefitted the community since the inception of the club in 1974. 

Club members spent the day in Tathra with friends and family with about 500 people in all attending the festivities. 

“It was a great day,” Lions Club president Peter Davis said.

“It was really, really good and we are over the moon about it.

“The aim was to celebrate 40 years of service, which we did pretty well.

“We couldn’t have asked for better.”

Alongside family activities such as face painting, the Bega District Band played and the Bega Heritage Motor Club had a display. 

Mr Davis said there was a successful membership drive, with many extra members recruited. 

Of the 27 original charter members, around 10 attended the day with their partners, some even travelling from as far away as Cairns to be part of the event.

The history of the club was celebrated, and Mr Davis remarked that many of the clubs antics in the early years were quite entertaining - some of the things they did being the sort “you couldn’t get away with today”.

“On almost every project in Tathra you can find a Lions thumbprint,” Mr Davis said.

These days the club’s antics are much more acceptable.

It’s about to open a walk made for Tathra Public School, continuing the upkeep of the Tathra memorial gardens, and seeing if it can fit some more units into the Tathra Lions Village Haven Place.

In the near future the Lions are interested in beginning a Leo’s Club, engaging youngsters from 14 to mid-20s in the community. 

Mr Davis spoke about the feeling of the day in light of the recent tragedy on Tathra Beach.

“The community was aware what had happened, and everyone was supporting those affected by it,” he said.

“The community came in out a positive way, they know it has happened, but they have to get on with life.”

Mr Davis was pleased with the event and looked forward to the next celebrations.

 “A great day was had, despite the weather and despite the tragedy that had taken place, the community really seemed to take to it and it was very well received.

“It was one day that will go down in our history.”

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