Mini 'Pig' the perfect pet for Sophie

MOVE over Lassie, man has found a new best friend.

Sophie Wilton from Kalaru has an 11-week-old Australian mini pig calling her backyard home.

“We called her Matilda, but found ourselves just calling her Pig, and she answers,” Ms Wilton said.

“She follows us everywhere around the yard, stays with us wherever we go.

“I don’t take her anywhere public as we are still in the lead training process.

“During the night she gets locked in her own pen and during the day sleeps with our 12-month-old golden retriever Lulu, who is her best friend.

“They went through a stage where they were digging and getting out under the fence and going to visit our neighbour, who had to bring them back countless times.

“We let the dogs down the paddock for a run and the pig goes as well and they run around together.

“She has dog toys that she plays with and even sometimes chases the ball.

“They don’t really stop to be honest!”

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