Cobargo kids fascinated by police visit

COBARGO'S preschoolers received a special visitor on Tuesday (two if you count the editor of the BDN).

Senior Constable Robert Dunlop from the Far South Coast Local Area Command gave the kids a fun talk on safety and what he does as a policeman.

Senior Constable Dunlop – or “just Robert if you're not in trouble” - was actually a little late to the preschool after assisting with a traffic stop just north of town of an unlicensed driver.

After explaining why he was late, Senior Constable Dunlop was told by one young boy - whose parents could be in for a grilling - “sometimes my car goes fast”.

Joining the children on the floor, Senior Constable Dunlop spoke about listening to adults and doing what your parents ask.

To which one young girl piped up proudly with “I ate all my breakfast this morning”.

He also got the police radio operator to say hello to the class over the airwaves and explained about the manners police have to use to wait their turn to speak on the radio.

The rainy day meant the children couldn't go outside to see his police vehicle, but they did like his description of why it has flashing lights.

While Senior Constable Dunlop said they were for warning people, one young girl also added the lights were useful “if you're stuck on an island and need help”!

Adding to the enjoyment the children were obviously having with their visitor was a demonstration of Senior Constable Dunlop's handcuffs, before they all had a break for a morning snack and to build their fold-up cardboard police cars to go along with the creative police hats and badges they had made earlier in the day.

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