Bega Girl Guides’ recovered past

A TIME capsule buried in the ground by Bega Girl Guides two decades ago proved a little tricky to open after it was ceremoniously dug up at the Bega Guide Hall last week.

However, it could be argued this only added to the suspense of the occasion, as well as providing some light relief as both women and men struggled to unscrew the cap.

With muscle power not doing the job, the ever-resourceful mallet was taken to one end of the securely waterproofed PVC tube and a few bashes later the tightly glued lid was able to be prised open with a garden trowel.

With spade in hand Jen Russell, who was a guide in 1994, and Carol Coombes, dug up the time capsule in front of an expectant crowd of onlookers.

The large gathering consisted of current members of the Bega Girl Guides group, a handful of Guides from 1994, parents of the 1994 Guides/Brownies, former leaders and visiting members from Canberra and Queanbeyan who spent the weekend with Bega and Merimbula Guides camping at the Bega hall. 

The contents of the capsule included a large scroll featuring the names of the 1st Bega Girl Guides and Brownies with an assortment of badges attached, some letters and photos of each Guide and Brownie carefully and individually wrapped in tissue paper.

On the back of the photos were their name, where they lived, their interests/hobbies, sports played, school attended and any other details they decided to share.

Former 1994 Guides Cassie Du boulay (nee Butterworth), Mariclare Houssenloge (nee Malone) and Jasmine Ventura (nee Bowie) - wearing her old Guide uniform and sash - took part in revealing the capsule’s contents and found their photos from 20 years ago.

In reading out some of the details on the backs of photos, it was obvious how much today’s technology had changed children’s activities and society in general.

Revealing stamp and coin collecting as hobbies prompted one young Guide to query out loud why someone would collect stamps.

Following the ceremony guests and Guides of yesterday and today were able to mingle in the hall, catch up about old times, look through the many photo albums and enjoy an afternoon tea, which included the cutting of a cake. 

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