Little penguin surprise for German backpackers

THE Bega District News had an unusual visitor at the front counter on Monday. 

A young penguin, found by Rod Niemeier at Bithry Inlet in Mimosa Rocks National Park, came in to visit on his way to a National Parks and Wildlife Service carer. 

German backpackers Carolin Schreiner and Julia Zeidler, from Munich, are staying with Mr Niemeier’s family and visited Bithry Inlet with him on Monday morning.

While there the group discovered a penguin sitting on the shore.

“We watched him for a while and I became concerned because he appeared to be very young and still moulting, but I couldn’t see any parents about,” he said. 

“I was concerned that he couldn’t fend for himself.”

Mr Niemeier was unable to find a NPWS officer in Tathra when he first discovered the penguin, but said he was dropping him off later in the day with a NPWS staff member. 

A spokesperson for NPWS cautioned people to not remove penguins from the shore if found, instead to only contact NPWS or WIRES if it appeared injured. 

“It’s best if you find a penguin just sitting on the shore still moulting just to leave it as they sit for up to 10 days alone, out of the water, while they finish moulting,” the spokesperson said. 

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