Bega Valley smoke haze from Vic bushfires

THE Bega Valley continues to be covered in a thick haze of bushfire smoke, however the Rural Fire Service is reassuring residents none of it is from local fires. 

Far South Coast Rural Fire Service community safety officer Marty Webster said the bushfire smoke sitting in the Valley since Friday is from Victorian blazes.

“In the Bega Valley itself there are no current bushfires,” he said. 

“This is all from Victoria where there are still 140,000 hectares burning, some of which has been burning for several weeks now.

“Once you get a southerly or a south-westerly wind it blows the bushfire smoke this way, and that’s what is happening.”

Mr Webster confirmed a fire that broke out on the Brogo fire trail on Thursday had been quickly dealt with and posed no danger. 

“This smoke isn’t from Brogo, it’s all coming in from Victoria,” he said. 

The current fire danger warning for the Bega Valley is low-moderate.

NSW Health advises that air quality in the South East “is likely to be reduced due to smoke particles becoming airborne and travelling great distances from the location of the bushfires”.

These particles can cause a variety of health problems, such as itchy or burning eyes, throat irritation or runny nose and aggravate existing illnesses including bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. 

Anyone suffering adverse effects is advised to stay indoors, avoid vigorous exercise and consult their doctor.

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