Bega High's student leaders inducted

BEGA High School proudly inducted its newest Student Representative Council on Wednesday. 

Along with the new student faces on the SRC was a new coordinator from the teaching staff, as David Britton took over from Sophie Scroope. 

The induction ceremony was attended by students and parents, and special guest speaker was Bega Valley Shire Councillor Liz Seckold, herself a former SRC coordinator at Bega High School.

“Fancy being guest of honour,” Cr Seckold said with a laugh. 

She spoke of the students who had stayed in her memory from her many years teaching and how being involved with the SRC was her favourite “hat”. 

“It was my favourite role because members were invariably enthusiastic and motivated,” she said. 

“That is an SRC long gone out into the world, many to take on leadership roles in the community.”

She wished students the best of luck and suggested SRC should stand for Serve, Respond, Communicate.

BHS principal John Salmon also noted the important of communication in being a SRC member and that of leadership and volunteering.

New SRC president Year 12 student Tas Fitzer noted when he first joined the SRC in Year 8 he was so shy he didn’t speak during meetings. 

“I think the members now would find that hard to believe,” he said. 

“It’s not an easy role being part of the SRC, it takes courage and determination to put your hand up, but everyone on the council has done a phenomenal job and should be proud.”

In addition to fundraising activities and the breakfast club, Tas also said the SRC will be working with Bega’s new Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) this year to run morning fitness classes. 

The 2014 SRC at Bega High School:

Year 8

Georgia Burgess

Cailem Campbell

Renee Cooper

Tom Grant 

Year 9

Ruby Blacka 

James Burgess

Amelia Curtis

Michael Cusack

Morgan Durant-Curtis

Jayden Harris

Matilda McCarthy

Louise Stewart

Telisha Sweet

Year 10

Julien Comer-Kleine

Irene Garvey

Jonathan Stephens

Nicholas Sticotti

Year 11

Karlee Barber

Sarah Halin

Joccoaa Lee

Garry Prothero

Gabrielle Smedley

Year 12

Tas Fitzer (president)

Kate Pratt (vice president)

Samantha Moon

Imogen Pittolo

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