Bega Show gnomes a cracking success

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THE votes are in! The people have spoken

The CrackUp Sisters, as well as being a popular entertainment attraction at the Far South Coast National Show, also cleaned up in the Great Garden Gnome Painting Competition.

Their brightly coloured and wildly decorated entry, who only showed up on the Saturday morning, caught the eye of many a showgoer to claim the people’s choice award with 65 votes.

Closely following on its tiny heels was BDN editor Ben Smyth’s gnome with 50 votes.

Rounding out the little leaderboard were Bega Chamber of Commerce president Mal Barnes (45), ABC South East Radio’s Ian Campbell (40), Member for Bega Andrew Constance (31), Bega Valley Shire Mayor Bill Taylor (25), entertainer Frankie J Holden (19) and bringing up the tail in a small, but surprising twist, River Cottage Australia host Paul West (8).

The CrackUp Sisters also claimed the most artistic entry as judged by Nicky Hall of Valley Art – who herself won champion painting of the Bega Show.

Mr Constance’s and Cr Taylor’s gnomes placed second and third respectively.

Then to really cement home their gnome dominance, the fluoro pink tutu-wearing mini CrackUp Sister also sold for the most money in Sunday night’s auction.

It sold for $170, with Mr Constance’s Wallabies representative picked up for $80.

Cr Taylor’s “Ray T Payer” sold for $50, while the rest went for $30 each or thereabouts.

All up, the auction raised $451, with money to be distributed to the Bega Valley Rural Fire Service and Bega Volunteer Rescue Association.

Far South Coast National Show chief pavilion steward Barb Rogers said it had been a fun promotion for the show with a really pleasing result.

“When people came into the pavilion the gnomes really caught your eye,” she said.

“The CrackUp Sisters did an awesome job– I think they raided my craft box when I wasn’t looking.”

The gnomes created a real buzz on social media and via a cheeky public dialogue between Mr Constance and Mr Campbell, so much so that Ms Rogers said she is already being petitioned by prospective “celebrity artists” for whatever next year’s show brings.

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