PHOTOS: Bega St Patrick's Kindergarten starts 'big school'

TWENTY-ONE Kindergarten pupils at St Patrick’s Primary School have made a great start to “big school”.

Each day, the Kindies enjoy literacy and numeracy groups where they rotate through various tasks.

Favourite activities include using iPads, reading with teacher Gabbi Stroud, exploring the Poly Plugs, the creation station, building blocks and making shapes.

On Monday, the Kindies had their first library lesson, where they explored the school’s beautiful library and had the pleasure of borrowing a book.

Next Tuesday, the pupils will begin their aquatics program at the Bega Swimming Pool.

The program will involve fun and games in the pool as they increase their water awareness and confidence.

The Kindies will also be busy preparing their art entries for the Bega Show, so keep an eye out for their entries on display.

“Primary school is an amazing adventure and a great challenge for little ones,” Ms Stroud said.

Ms Stroud said she is already very proud of her new class.

St Patrick’s Primary School principal Gerard Hergenhan said the Kindies have all made a great start.

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