Costa Georgiadis, the consummate entertainer at Candelo

COSTA Georgiadis, the presenter of the ABC’s Gardening Show, is a very funny man.


He’s much smaller and thinner than he appears on television, but, if Candelo Show was anything to go by, far more manic.

He was the consummate entertainer at the show, drawing laughs wherever he went.

When the mikes stopped working at the official opening he made a joke of that and there were guffaws as he judged his look-alike scarecrows, drawing attention to those characteristics on the scarecrows that were most like him.

Everywhere he went - and he went everywhere - he was happy to talk to all who approached him and to have his photo taken with them.

He came to Candelo via Canada and then Tasmania where he’d been in the wilderness with others trying to save it.

Costa was happy to do the most ridiculous things, getting washed when the chooks were being washed and pretending to be a dog and trying the high jump.

The only time he was serious was when he was on his pet subject, sustainability, and also gardening.

There was no fun and hijinks when he showed the children how to pot plants and how to get the best from the earth.

There were many attractions at the Candelo Show, but Costa Georgiadis was way out there as the major one.

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