Tathra Sea Eagle grounded

LUKE Taylor of the Tathra Sea Eagles Aussie Rules club is one grounded bird. 

No, he’s not injured, he has just signed off on a two-year coaching deal with the club and doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

As  Taylor sits in his man cave he says without blinking an eye that he’s “not going to play for another footy club in my career” and will stick with Tathra for the long haul.

Taylor said talks with the club  were wrapped up pretty quickly - not surprising given his successful first year in the coaching job which included an undefeated season and a premiership. 

“It was pretty straight forward mate,” Taylor says. 

“They were pretty keen to get me locked away and I was really keen too. 

“The club and the family are happy, it’s all pretty exciting.”

He said one of the hardest things for a regional club is finding a grounded coach.

“I’ll give as much to the club as I can and if they see that as me coaching, then I’ll continue to do it,” Taylor said. 

He went on to say the biggest factor for him in being a successful coach is the team around him and he couldn’t be more grateful for the blokes who help out week-to-week. 

“I have a really good support team around me.

“People like Brad McBain who have coached before, he’s really good support, and Kev May on the bench, he has been massive for me.

“I think that’s a real key for being a successful playing coach is being able to surround yourself with those kind of people.”

Taylor said he will be looking to adapt his coaching style to the players that show up on the field when the season starts. 

“We’ll tweak things a bit.”

 He said it almost becomes harder to define what areas need improvement when the club has done so well. 

“It’s hard when both your seniors and reserve grades have gone through and won.

“I think our fitness base wasn’t as good as it could have been last year and so that’s one thing I’ll be working on this season. 

“You tweak your gameplan to what you’ve got, but I’m looking forward to it,”

Taylor said there is still more he can do in his role with the club. 

“I think I can still learn as a coach. 

“I learned a lot last year and I’ll be looking to improve on my part of the deal.”

One glance around the room at photos of premiership-winning teams and AFL history and you know this is a guy who is passionate about his football.  

Taylor said he is excited about the next two seasons, despite losing a few players. 

“But we’re looking at getting a few premiership players back, so hopefully it works pretty evenly.

“We are looking forward to another solid year,” he said. 

In the meantime, Taylor is excited for the club’s Christmas party coming up on December 15. 

“It’s a good day out for the kids, we’ll have a barbecue and Santa will be there. 

“It’s a nice way to finish the year off, its kind of our last hurrah.”

Taylor said the club is going really well and he can’t wait for the season to start. 

“It’s all happening,” he said. 

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